Thursday, June 16, 2011

Microsoft Scam Warning

A shocking scam also said Microsoft is running a call center from India, The Guardian "reported.

Start the hoax calls through security check before the common saying "I call Microsoft. We have a serious virus problem, from your computer's Internet service provider in a report."

Of course, they then tell you your computer is dead or sprouting legs, Tisi, or something you should go to solve the problem.

They have succeeded in convincing you to communicate, if you will be directed to your computer and want to open the program called Windows Event Viewer. "For ordinary users, it looks like a disturbing and long list of errors Some marked "critical."

"Yes, this is it," said the caller. "Now let me guide you through the steps to resolve it."

Then sent to the site and download the hand remote control tells your computer program and the caller on the "install" different "solve" the problem. Then you need to cough up: 185.

Of course, there has never been anything with your computer (well, unless you forget, you have been looking weird sex) and the natural, the caller does not work, Microsoft. Microsoft does not accustomed to ringing of the people, in them? Unfortunately, no one has been handed down to each of this information from their computers.

This scam has been since 2008, and soared this year. It is running from the call center in Calcutta, from the computer and software companies that seem to invoke the name of the database using the phone book sales have access to the team.

When asked about fraud, Microsoft said it "is investigating a series of business practices within the Microsoft partner network of organizations [and] a number of sources of increased instances of major concern. We take these matters very seriously and will take any action Once it is appropriate to complete our survey.

The company has been aware of this issue. Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls to that you repair your computer, on its Web site said. "If you get someone claiming to be from Microsoft technical support unsolicited phone hung up. We do not do that call."


  1. I got my call tonight from Microsoft technical support services.
    They identified me by name and address and proceeded to inform me that my firewall had been breached, my computer was infected and that I needed to take immediate action to prevent futher damage to my operating system. (Alarm bells ring, because even microsoft doesn’t know my name, why would they when I use linux, ubuntu 11.4 for an O/S).

    I may be a little nerdy, I’m not an IT, but I am somewhat computer savy. Okay, I can feel myself being setup for some kind of scam.
    So I told him I had a few computers in the house, and asked which operating system was involved. lol After some humming and hawing and a few lengthy pauses, he comes back with Vista. I didn’t tell him he guessed wrong, but proceeded to ask what the name of the virus was that had infected my computer ….. his retort, trojan …. lol …. so I replied, sorry, I didn’t ask what type of virus, I asked for the name of the virus …… his next reply was worm …

    Sorry, turkey, you’ll need to be a little more tech savy than that if you’re going to con me, you’ve been wrong on every answer so far, good luck with your next victim.

  2. I have just been contacted for about the 8th time. I could hear people talking in the background. It wasn’t in English, despite being told they were based in Wellington.
    I pretended to go along with what was being asked & got to speak to 3 different people. The last one was named Steve Austin… I said that was a strange name for an Indian.
    When I hung up after I told him to P… off and that it was a scam I received a second phone call from the superviser telling me off for using disgusting language and to P… off myself.

    How do you get these calls to stop????

  3. Been seeing these too - quite clever in that MS machines do offer to send reports back to Microsoft.

    Best advice is to take a number and ask to call back. The probably won't give it, but if they do have someone you trust and has some knowledge check your PC, or make the call.

    BTW - what's with the original article. Reads like the scammers talk....


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