Monday, April 9, 2012

Malware Apps plots Android Scam

For all Android lovers who like to play games with their devices, here are some words of caution. A fraudulent new game that takes after the legitimate Chinese game “The Roar of the Pharaoh” has been identified that is capable of launching Trojan clone attacks on Android phones. Known in the Internet circle as Andr/Stinite-A by Sophos , it doesn’t need any permission for installation. The Android malware mimics Netflix and executes SMS scams facilitated by telecom companies that provide payment processing option.  In addition to the SMS scams, it uses the “tgloader-android” path for connecting to four .com domains prompting analyzers to refer it as TGLoader.

The Vice President of Security Research at Zscaler, Michael Sutton, said the detection of the fake app shows malware authors are now starting to target Android devices as well.  Users need to be more careful now when downloading game apps to their Android devices because Trojans come disguised in these fraudulent games. In fact, the phenomenon is spreading so fast that it may soon be seen as a typical Android scam, he has warned.

To avoid getting infected by Trojan clones, it is a safe practice to install mobile apps from sites that are legitimate and have been around for some time. If you make the mistake of using other sources, there is ample chance that you may end up being a victim of brand misrepresentation as the brands in question may not have any control over these unverified sites.

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